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Education system of Pakistan

Process of Learning is called education. According to Nelson Mandela, “education is the most powerful weapon and with the help of this weapon, one can change the world. Education is the right of every one and it play the key role in the development of one nation.

As for as the education system of Pakistan is concerned, it is facing a lot of problems. Education system is deprived from the basic needs like electricity,water and well design rooms. Along with these, there is no specific teachers for specific subjects especially in the rural areas of Pakistan. Apart from the problems which are mentioned above, there is two main problem with the education system of Pakistan.

First,the way the students being taught is, Orthodox. The students can not be able to understand the basic point. Second, Teachers are seeming like they are wasting their time.They use to come to school, college, and universities just to get their salaries. In all over the world the teachers get salaries but they are sincere with their duties, but here in Pakistan the system is something else.

The other reason regarding education system is that which the students are facing is the difference in syllabus,and the results of this is that,the students of government institutions cannot compete with the students of private institutions. The solution of these problems according to my point of view, the government should need to focus on the funds/buggets for education system and increase it in order to diminish these problems. Secondly,there should be same syllabus through all over Pakistan in both the education system(public and government).And at last there should be the facilities of the basic needs which are necessary for the better education system.

Atta ur Rehman, Gomal University D.I. Khan


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