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Edhi and Taliban: The saint and the devils

“Don’t murder, put in the cradle”, this is how Edhi  became father to the disowned.


Not only Muslims but the people from all over the world, no matter of what religion, creed or sect they belong to, are deeply grieved, upset and sad at the sorrowful demise of the philanthropist Abdus Satar Edhi. He was a true humanist, a Muslim and a strong believer of Allah. He served all human beings without any discrimination of religion, language or ethnic group.

I have been living in Karachi for sometime. I visited the Edhi Center where I found a huge number of Ambulances serving the needy and effected people. There could be seen a cradle lying in front of the center with a sentence written at the top ” You have committed a sin by giving birth to a child through illegal ways and don’t commit another sin by killing it. Please put your child in this cradle, if unable to keep and raise “.

I was young. A very young boy in those days when l used to live in Karachi. Whenever I had a chance to stand nearby that cradle, number of questions rose to my mind. What would we call that child ” Bastard” in our society, if given birth through illegal means, raised and become an adult. This cradle with a sentence written at the top would always come to my mind innumerable times while living in Karachi or passing through the Edhi Centre.

I have an honour to meet this man Abdus Satar Edhi during the year 1997 in Korangi # 05 in front of Edhi Center. He was a simple, down to earth and respectable person . If I had a camera with me I would have taken a picture with him.

There was another trust in the North Nazimabad named ‘Al Rashid Trust.’ This trust had its own newspaper in Urdu. It was exclusively meant for Taliban and supported and preached their activities. The security guards with guns were deputed for security of the trust center. The duty of this center was to make available certain people to send them to Afghanistan after specific training for Jihaad. The center had representatives in Kabul and Jalalabad.

Once, I went there in the center to get some information about the newspaper ‘ Zarb-e-Moamin’ and the Taliban. There at the center, I suddenly happened to look at a cleric coming out of a double cabin car with security guards having guns in hands. I have forgotten the name of that cleric by now. The cleric along with the guards passed in front of me with an arrogant look and awful disposition.

Myriad questions aroused in my mind about the two centers. The Taliban’s were distinguished those days but I never ever could accept their integrity and honor. It was because one center was abusing humanity and the other one was paying honour and respect to humanity. No one now remembers Al Rashid Trust with respect and honor as it was operating at the behest of Pak Army. Whereas The Edhi center is honored every where as being run through charity donors.

I often ask myself if such Jihadists had served the wretched people of Afghanistan. Allah would have forgiven them if they had served the people having killed and abused the innocent people of our country. The people should have lived with respect and honor after such a great carnage. But I was wrong by thinking so as there was a big difference between the Abdul Sattar Edhi’s and that of our Jihadists work.

Edhi was getting the blessings of Allah by serving His creatures while the Jihadists were trying to get Allah’s mercy by killing and abusing his creatures. Both had their different Lords and had different concept and definition of Allah.

Pakistan is facing the worst criticism and ill reputation in the world due to these terrorist organizations. The whole world is looking with strange eyes and mistrust towards it. The people of Pakistan are also facing problems and are being abused every where in the world. Pakistan had only one good and respectable name, the Edhi, who is no more in this world.

Now, if Pakistan wants to make its position good in the eyes of the world, it should either ban Lashkare Taiba, Sepah e Sahaba, Lashakr e Jangvi, Sami ul Haq’s Madrassa Haqania, Fazal ur Rahman party or should convert these into charity organizations like Edhi Trust.

Written by Khoshal Khali, tanslated by Weesa Wardak


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