Durand is a redline for Afghanistan: Afghan govt is ready to defend the country sovereignty, if Pak continue violation along Durand line

Afghanistan-flagKABUL: Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday condemned Pakistan violations along de-facto Durand Line as a ‘unilateral and illogical move. It said that security and defense forces of Afghanistan are ready to defend the country’s sovereignty, if Pakistan action continue along de-facto Durand line.

“If Pakistan violation continue along the de-facto Durand line, the government of Afghanistan and security forces are ready to defend the country’s integrity and national sovereignty,” Said Spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmad Shekib Mustaghni.


He said that the government of Afghanistan will refer the issue to the nation and do whatever the Afghan nation prefer.

He stated that since years Pakistan military has committed different violence such as, crossing the line, shelling missile, closing ways and constructing facilities along the de-facto Durand line in border areas of Nangarhar, Khost, Paktia, Paktika, Kunar and Kandahar provinces.

In responding to the complaint of Afghanistan, Pakistan has made different illegal pretext, he added.

As the tension between two neighboring countries is not at the favor of peaceful coexistence of both nations, thus the government of Afghanistan often preferred channel diplomatic to prevent Pakistan from unilateral moves along with the Durand line without agreement of Afghanistan, he added.

He insisted that Referring to diplomatic channel won’t mean that the government of Afghanistan has forgotten defending integrity and sovereignty of the country.

He said that decision about the Durand line is only the right of those people living on both sides of the de-facto line.

Till date security and stability not reinforced in the both side of Durand line, opportunity for taking decision about the issue is impossible, he noted.

As Pakistan military committed violations, currently a military situation dominating in the other side of Durand line, he asserted.

He said that Afghan government has recorded all violation committed by Pakistan along the Durand line and complained about it to the UN-security council as well.

By Farhad Naibkhel, Kabul


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