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Drop weapons or face destruction, Ghani tells rebels

Arg GhaniKABUL: President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday asked the insurgents to either put down their weapons or Afghan commando forces would make them surrender.

The president was addressing a gathering here, in which the commando forces division was elevated to corps and Gen. Bismillah Waziri was appointed commander of the corps.

Addressing the commando forces, the president said: “You are the guardians of the Constitution and the country’s honor. You never retreated and always forced the enemy to retreat.”

“You have brought a dramatic change to the war tactics and now we give two hours to discussing security instead of six hours,” the president said.

“It is my clear message to the enemy of Afghanistan — surrender or the commando forces will eliminate you,” Ghani said.

“Our target is to improve the capacity of our security forces within four-year and Afghan forces would be the only legal authority to maintain security of the country.”

Defense Minister Lt. Col. Tariq Shah Bahrami, who was present on the occasion, congratulated all military officials on the 98th Independence Day and said security forces had frustrated the enemy’s many designs.

He termed operations by special forces as vital and said evaluating the commando division to corps level was part of the four-year security plan.

NATO commander Gen. Nicholson told the security personnel that they were the real sons of the soil who had the capability to defend every inch of their land.

“Your enemy has no other option but to surrender or be eliminated at the hands of Afghan commando forces,” he said. -Pajhwok

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