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Dr. Said Alam Mehsud and CPEC

Raza2The comparison seems outrageous. And so I am sorry but it is not entirely out of place and time. The struggle led by Dr. Mehsud is no less revolutionary as far as its results are concerned than the one that was led by our (including Dr Mehsud’s) great and only “true leader”, Bacha Khan, the pride of Afghans, a century ago. That movement was for education and political awareness of Pashtuns. This one is for the solidification and translating that struggle in to tangible and material reality.

If secured, the rights under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will not only revitalize our entire society but change its social fabric as well. It will be like entering a new stage of human progress: from agriculture based economy to industrialization, though not on a massive scale (Take note my Marxist and progressive friends and remember this is the time to join hands with Dr Mehsud as it is your responsibility to not only interpret the world but also change it).

Accompanied by this shift in economic and class relations is the change of discourse of our politics. You may have noticed it or not but I have and I am to report it. It is changing from the theme of militancy and conflict to one of progress and development. It is not about in theory (nationalism and Marxism) anymore, it is about actual things on the ground. And this is a huge change. I for one am hopeful that in the near future this will change our attitudes towards life altogether.

Here also I would like to share another perspective with my Pashtun nationalist friends. Although I am a follower of Bacha Khan and “armanjan” (no other word seems to convey my feelings in this regard, despite English being a rich language, this Pashto word has no substitute at the time for me) of Pashtun Unity, but I have never found the current strategy viable and winnable for that cause. It is only through economic progress and complete self sufficiency that we shall reach our goal of national unity. The reunification of Germany and the smashing of Berlin Wall is the best example of this strategy. Though much has been written on this but for me it was the triumph of strong economy over weak one (“Germanian Bya Yo Shwal” by Ali Khan Mahsud is a must read in this regard.) Don’t buy the nonsense that it was due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and its subsequent defeat of the battle field of Afghanistan. Economists of repute don’t accept this discredited theory and attributed the destruction of Soviet Union simply to it economic collapse.

The point I want to make here is that in order to attain national unity first we have to progress industry wise, economy wise. This should also allay the fears of our Pashtun brothers across the Durand, who think that by becoming connected to the Punjab dominated Pakistan through roads and rails more intricately will lessen any remaining hope of Pashtun unity in the future. I think the other way around. So it is time to invest our efforts in this struggle and join hands with Dr Said Alam Mehsud if not for ourselves then for our coming generations.

I am indebted to you Dr Mehsud and so shall be my coming generations.

که مونږه سره یو شو او لاسونه سره ورکړو
دا خاورے به سرهٔ زر شی او دا کانړی به لالونه

(If we join hands and stand united, our land will turn into gold and our stones into gems).

Writer: Raza Wazir

Raza Wazir is a freelance writer. He is graduated from F.C. College, Lahore. He twitts at



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