Dir: The Mass Funeral of 41 Militants


PAKISTAN: A mass burial of 41 militants, all 15-19 in age, has been offered today in Timergara, the capital of Lower Dir. They were received in Timergara by local people wrapped in the flags of al-Badar organization and Jumat-ud-Dawa.

21 among the dead are believed to be from Albadar organization, considered to be droned in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. The remaining 20 militants are said to come from Jumat-ud-Dawa, but yet it is not clear as to where they could have been killed.

According to the local people that they could have been killed in one of the three places: they have been killed in Kurram Agency in an aerial firing, or near the border area of Bajaur, or then possibly near the border of Kunar and Upper Dir.

Since nobody saw the coffins while passing from Chakdara and Timergara, while the bodies have been received in Upper Dir, therefore it is more probable that they could have been killed near the Kunar-Upper Dir border.

This arises questions about the National Action plan and the dubious role of Pakistan military. According to Khama Press, “Afghan government has been asking Pakistan to stop training terrorists and sending them to Afghanistan for its “undeclared war” but Pakistan turns them as allegations.”12243365_940705869299966_9096651578302349629_n


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