Dignity will be Upheld

unnamed (1)General Raheel Sharif broke his silence with roaring statement “military dignity will be upheld”.  The statement has generated a fear of recurrence of the old fears. I believe everyone is born with dignity and self respect. No one dignity should be hurt irrespective of the status?. Dignified individual make dignified nations, humanity, states and institutions. The cornerstone is an individual with GOD given dignity.

The institutions are made to protect the dignity of human beings and by doing so, they earn dignity as well. This is the natural and humanistic course. But in practice it has never been the case from the time immemorial. The timid and weaker have always been robbed of dignity by the mighty and stronger. Universally speaking the five countries with veto power has robbed the whole world of their dignity. If you narrow the spectrum to a street the same will be the case.

To rob someone from dignity is more tormenting and painful than material robbery. It hurts the soul and wrecks the inner man. It is unfortunate the word dignity is some time misused and abused.  Some demands it or others earn it. One has the element of force and the other has the element of love. One is imposed the other is earned. One is asked for; the other is given out of respect. One is harmonious expression the other is helplessness.

Army dignity is as sacred as other institutions, I would say a bit more, other institutions serves the community but in army they serve die to serve to protect the dignity of the nation and earns the public response. It should be reciprocal and army should not rob others and declare “dignity” as their their sole property.                                  

Dignity does not grow in meadows and fields it grows in the hearts and mind of the people.  When judiciary dispense justice with no delay, government is honest and transparent, the executive is free of corruption and nepotism and when public can sleep in security without fear they respond in love.

The mother parliament should make it sure that the jurisdictions of each pillar is not encroached by other. Unfortunately none of the institution has satisfied the public. Public has always been disappointed.

The journalists should stop sensalisation and be factual. The politicians should also hold their tongues and select their words. Tongue literally weighs nothing but for some it is difficult to hold. But keeping the 65 years history of Pakistan in mind, military has always tried to impose its will. Whenever they have changed their role from security of the country to rule the country, the results have been disastrous. The civilian rulers have not done any better, rather worse in some cases. But they have an excuse that they have never been given free hand. Islamabad has always been subservient to Rawalpindi.

I agree with Ayaz Mir that to get political maturity the civilian rule should be given chance to produce politician with political acumen. The present lot are the production of Military Dictators. There is hardly any difference in their mental make up. Presently the country is being by trio of of Nawaz, Shabaz, Nisar.

To deal with anarchists and armed terrorists,the victims were mostly army jawans, nationalists and democrats. The army gave sacrifices of 3000 men and nationalists were not behind in their sacrifices. The general public topped the list.

Unfortunately the dialogue is being conducted by those forces who were the allies of the terrorist. We support the dialogue but the methodology adopted is disputable. Dialogue is always on reciprocal basis, of give and take. Our government is giving concession, getting nothing in return. I have no hesitation to support Gen. Sharif statement that the releases of prisoners are never before the dialogue is finished and pact is signed. In case the dialogue fails, do we have to chase shadows? We are faced with strange situation, war or dialogue is between men and shadows.

The onus lies with politicians, not to provoke the “supremo” and since we are in a state of undeclared war, not only the army should be taken on board but the parliament too. In case of failure which, we hope not, we have to ask army to deliver the result.

We Pakhtun have another fear of Sectarian sheikhdom in Waziristan with a pact of non -aggression. Too pitch dark does create suspicions. Presently the conduct of NAP is creating a lot of doubts. No doubt all Parties agreed but they agreed for all Pakistan, not only for KPK, Sindh and Balochistan and no action in Punjab. As the whole world is aware that the nurseries for these beasts are in southern Punjab.

Lately Gen Raheel roared again that the partition is not complete unless Kashmir is given the right of self determination. It is a political decision and unless the decision is taken, army has no role. But as for as his statement is concerned we agree with him. But we feel that it was not only incomplete division but “flawed” as well. Partition must be completed but flaws must be removed. All those areas which were not part of Bharat were given freedom like Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal with one exception NWFP(KPK).

Writer: Dr. Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at 



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