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Did the Jews steal the holy land from the Palestinians?

In this article we will prove behind any doubt that it is completely false to say that the Jews stole the holy land from the Palestinians, and any reader who cares about logic and reasoning, will have no choice but to agree.
Brief history of the holy land

It is well known, supported archaeologically, and written in the Bible and the Quran, that the people of Israel, who kept the religion of Moses, have lived in the holy land for over 1200 years, since the conquer of the holy land by prophet Yehoshua, the best student of prophet Moses, from the Caananites, and until the Romans forcefully expelled the people of the kingdom of Yehuda (in the middle, 10 of the 12 tribes where expelled and didn’t return since then, while the Jews where expelled to Babylon and a large part of them returned after 70 years of exile). (In the bible, it is said that the Canaanites people were awful people, who were involved in incests and were even burning their children as a sacrifice to their idols).

According to wikipedia, before the exile of Yehuda by the Romans, more than 2.5 million people lived in the holy land, almost all of them Jews. Since that exile of the Jews and until the 18th century, less than 300 thousand people lived in the holy land, which means it was almost empty. In the 19th century and until today, the number of inhabitants of the holy land grew and grew and today, more than 8 million live here. Here is an approximated graph of the population growth in the holy land:

What we see in the graph is that the land was nearly empty, until, at around 1900, Jews started to immigrate (usually running away from anti-Semitism or looking to fulfill the dream of returning to the holy land). We also see that around that period, there was also an unusual growth of Muslims population in the holy land, which might mean that Muslims also immigrated here during that period.

During the period of the Jewish exile, the holy land exchanged hands many times. Since the destruction of the second temple in the 1st century, the Romans ruled the holy land. In the 2nd century, the Romans changed the name of the land of Israel to Palestine, in order to remove the obvious Israeli connection to the land. The Romans changed their name to the Byzantine empire, the Muslims Caliphs took it from them, then came the Crusaders, then the Muslims again, then came the Ottomans, then came the British, until, on 29.11.1947, the UN voted for 2 countries to be formed – a Jewish state and a Palestinian state of the Arabs in the holy land. Zionist leaders accepted the plan while Palestinian Arab leaders rejected it and all independent Muslim and Arab states voted against it. Almost immediately, sectarian violence erupted and spread, killing hundreds of Arabs, Jews and British over the ensuing months. To the aid of the Palestinians who weren’t satisfied with half of the land (even in their wildest dreams they don’t dream about getting half of it now), came Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, who were all badly beaten.

The Jews are the people of ancient Yehuda

Before getting to the main point of the article, I must contradict the anti-Semitic propaganda that says that Jews are Khazars. Firstly, if Khazars converted to Judaism, they are no less Israelis than Moses’ father in law, Yithro, Moses’ wife and king David great great grandmonther, who were also converts.

Secondly, there is no clear evidence for that theory, and even the scholars that created this theory, only think that Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Khazars that converted to Judaism, while millions of Jews are Sfradic Jews that no one (except anti-Semitic media) think are Khazars.

Further more, throughout all history, everyone knew, and never questioned the fact that Jews are the people of Yehuda, the kingdom that was ruled by the sons of king David. In particular, it is all over the Quran and Hadith. I can bring in more evidence, like, for example, the fact that the Jews are the only ones who actually keep the Tora of Moses which is the religion of the Israelites, but if you are a believer of Muhamad, all those Quran and Hadith references to Jews as the people of Israel should be enough.

Exile and the lost of ownership over a land

After a brief history of the holy land, we can finally bring up the simple, yet very strong arguments, for why it is incoherent to say that the Jews stole the holy land. The first argument is the argument from the “ownership over a land”. The question is very simple: how many time must pass before a nation that was forcefully expelled from a land, but never stopped yearning to return to it, loses its right over their original land?

The truth is that any number of years we would choose would be arbitrary. To those that think that the Palestinians have the right over the holy land, would it matter if another 50 years would pass? If X years are not enough to lose rights over a land, would X years and 1 second be enough? We will now logically prove by way of induction that there are only 2 logically coherent answers. A person might say that a nation loses its rights over their original land immediately when it is taken from them, or that they never lose their right. Any other answer is logically incoherent (leads to a logical contradiction).

Assumption: If after X seconds in exile a nation doesn’t lose its rights over its land, a single second does not make the difference, so after X+1 seconds the nation still doesn’t lose its rights over its land.


1. Instead of asking “How much time in exile must pass for a nation to lose its rights over its land”, which is an open question, we now ask many yes/no questions, that together are equivalent to the original question: “Does a nation lose its rights after 1 second?”, “If not, what about 2 seconds?”, “And 3?”…

2. If someone thinks the answer to the first question is “Yes”, meaning that after 1 second of exile a nation already loses its rights over its previous land, then we say that his answer is “Immediately” (Once exiled, a nation immediately loses rights over its original land).

3. If someone thinks the answer is “No”, meaning that after 1 second of exile a nation still has rights over its previous land, then, according to our assumption that one second does not make the difference, after 2 seconds that nation still has rights, and after 3, and after 4… and after 1 million seconds, and after 1 million and 1 seconds… actually for any X, a nation that was exiled still has rights over its original land after X seconds of exile. We say that his answer is, thus, “Never” (A nation never loses rights over its original land).

Applying our proof to the holy land:

1. If the answer is “immediately”, then this land belongs now to the Jews and the Palestinians have no rights over it because they immediately lost any rights they might have had.

2. If the answer is “never”, then this land still belongs to the Jews from which it was stolen 2000 years ago by the Romans, and the Palestinians must leave the lands they still hold, as they are stolen from the Jews in their hands. If someone wants to be really picky, he might claim it belongs to the Caananites, but they are no where to be found.

Conclusion: There are only 2 logically possible answers, and according to both, the holy land is not stolen from the Palestinians, as they either lost they rights over it or never had any rights.

I personally think that the correct answer is “never”, and believe that Pashtuns, who follow the principle of Hewaad of the Pashtunwali, probably agree with me on this. Given that, the Palestinians never had any rights over the land of the people of Israel and they should be grateful that the Jews let them stay in the lands they currently hold in the west bank, although the rights over those lands also belong to the Jews.

(Please note that this is a logical proof and not just an argument. Any theorem is as good as its assumptions, and our only assumption is that 1 second doesn’t make the difference for a nation to lose its rights over their original land… I think it is safe to say that a person must be crazy to reject that assumption, but this is the only way one has to reject our proof.)

There was never a Palestinian state in the holy land

There is not much to add besides the title… There was never a state of Palestine in the holy land. The only thing close to it was the state of ancient Palestine, who were black people, children of Ham son of Noah, and not Arabs, who are Semitic. The mere concept of a state of Palestine is a new term that was recently inverted and never existed before (I would guess it was invented by the British).

Furthermore, like we mentioned above, in 1947, the UN gave the Palestinians a state as large as the Jewish one, and the Jews were okay with that. So it is incoherent to talk about the Jews as the people who stole the holy land from the Palestinians, when it never belonged to them and even though it was about to be given to them, they lost it with their stupidity.

God gave this land to the children of Yaakov

In Deuteronomy 34, Yehezkel 47 and a lot of other places, it is said to or by Yaakov, Moses, Yehezkel and many many other prophets that the land of Israel belongs to the children of Israel forever, and they will return to it after their long exile (some of those texts about exile were written hundreds of years before the exiles by the way). In particular, here Moses said that God gave the land to the people of Israel forever (Deuteronomy 11:19-21):

“Teach these rules to your children… So that you and your children will last long on the land that God swore to your fathers to give them as long as the sky is over earth”

It was also written by prophet Moses that the people of Israel would survive the exile (Leviticus 26:44):

“And even when they’ll be in the countries of their enemies, I (God) won’t be so disgusted of them as to kill them all, and by that to break my covenant with them, because I am their God. And I’ll remember the covenant I made with their ancestors when I saved them from Egypt in front of other nations, and called my name upon them, I am God!”

He also said (Deuteronomy 30:4-5):

“If you’ll be lost in the end of the sky, even from there God will unite you and take you. And God will bring you to the land he gave your ancestors and it’ll be given to you, and he’ll bring blessing to you and make you prosper even more than your ancestors”

He also said that this land won’t like the enemies of the people of Israel and if you look closely at the population graph of the holy land, you’ll see this is exactly what happened (Leviticus 26:32):

“And I’ll make the land (the holy land) a desert, and your enemies won’t be able to build it, so the land will be a desert and your cities will remain in ruins”.

And this is what Yehezkel wrote (36:20-24) :

“And they entered the nations where they came, and they profaned My Holy Name, inasmuch as it was said of them, ‘These are the people of the Lord, and they have come out of His land.’ But I had pity on My Holy Name, which the house of Israel had profaned among the nations to which they had come. Therefore, say to the house of Israel; So says the Lord God: Not for your sake do I do this, O house of Israel, but for My Holy Name, which you have profaned among the nations to which they have come. And I will sanctify My great Name, which was profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst; and the nations shall know that I am the Lord-is the declaration of the Lord God-when I will be sanctified through you before their eyes. For I will take you from among the nations and gather you from all the countries, and I will bring you to your land.”

Yehezkel clearly predicted that we would return to the holy land not because we would be righteous, and that is exactly what happened when the secular state of Israel was formed… Still we see that it is God who brought the Jews back to their land, because it was predicted thousands of years ago and came true accurately.

The argument here is simple. Everything belongs to God, and he chooses who he wills, and give lands to whom he wills. He promised our father Yaakov the holy land, we had it, lost it because of our sins, got it back, lost it again, and returned yet again! Did you hear of any other nation this kind of thing happened to? If anyone has complaints about God and how he distributes the lands he created, he can take it to him and see if he likes his arguments, but if I were him, I would use more humility.

Those quotes are not to be taken lightly. 200 years ago, if you would come up to anyone in the world but the Jews and tell him there will be a Jewish state in the holy land, he would laugh in your face, but if you would have told it to Jews, 200 years ago or even before that, they would just tell you “we know”.

Israel’s violence

One might ask himself – “even if the Jews didn’t steal the land, does it justify killing innocent Palestinians?” Well… of course it doesn’t. That is why Israel doesn’t kill innocent Palestinians.

First, I’m sure that not many know this, but there are over 1.5 million Palestinians who are citizens of Israel (over 20% of the population). They get to vote and have Arab Knesset members, some of them are even in the IDF… Now don’t start calling them traitors… Some of them serve in the army because they die together with Jews when the Hamas or the Hizballa fire rockets without aiming at Israeli citizens.

It is true that some of them are complaining that there is discrimination, and some of the claims might be true and I’m not about to justify it, but at the end of the day, they study in Israeli universities, get treatments and work as doctors in Israeli hospitals, and they work where ever they want (I personally see many of them where I work, and for some reason, most of the pharmacists in Israel are Arabs so I personally buy medicine from them constantly). Most importantly, if it isn’t obvious, no one is killing them. Besides that we should remember that all the electricity in the west bank and Gaza comes from Israel, even though they don’t pay their bill.

Still, I’m sure you saw many videos of “Palestinians” babies that were “murdered” by “Israel”. The truth is that you have probably never seen even one such case (the babies you saw were either not Palestinians, not dead and surely not murdered by Israel). Those photos you see are eitherfakes or staged photos, like this staged photo:

The reason we know it is staged is because we also have this one:

You might have also seen some fake funerals, staged interviews, and other lies.

Actually, Israel is using something that is called roof knockers that give a 5 minutes warning to residents of a house to evacuate before Israel is bombing a building of the Hamas, even though the Hamas themselves are saved because of that. It is so effective that anti-Semitic organizations like Amnesty International had to fake videos to make Israel look bad after saving the lives of innocent Palestinians who are used as human shields by the Hamas. (I should mention that sometimes the people are deliberately staying after the warning, but no one can save suicidal people, especially when the Hamas is hiding behind them.) That said, there might be some unjustified Israeli violence, but there are no angels in wars, and surely Israel is not the baby killers country they try to make you believe it is.

Now don’t be surprised that your media lies to you… All the media lies. If you read about the war in Syria in the British Express news site you would think that Putin is the coolest person alive, and ISIS were almost destroyed a few weeks after Putin started bombing them, but if you read about the same events in the British BBC site, you might come to think that Russia only kills civilians and moderate rebels (if there are any). Now who is telling the truth? Surely not both of them, and probably none of them.

Here in Israel it’s not different. The US started their destruction of Afghanistan, and they had to justify it, so they made most Israelis think that ‘Afghan’ is a synonym for ‘terrorist’, even though it was Al-Qaida, not Taliban, who attacked the US. Our media, didn’t even bother letting us know that most of the people the Taliban kills are actually Pashtuns, and only after I came to know Pashtuns I learned that. And absolutely no one told us, and I’m sure most of the Americans don’t know, that it is Pakistan who supports the Taliban.

Now if you are a proud Pakistani please don’t get mad on me, I am saying it only because I heard with my own ears this Pakistani general shamelessly admitting and justifying their support for the Taliban (you can even hear him, around 9:00 of the video, call the murdered Pashtuns collateral damage. Damn him and shame on the parents that raised him). So this is just what the media does… And please remember that people like that evil general are in power and you can hear him say that they leave morality outside when it comes to politics and war, so don’t be surprised that they show so many lies against Israel to make people hate Israel and the Jews. (And this fact about Pakistan is kept hidden by all media because obviously Pakistan doesn’t want to make it public, even though they obviously admit it, and the US wants it kept hidden because they give a lot of money to Pakistan for their own interests.)

(I must say that it is admirable, in a very evil and sick way, how Pakistan managed to make people think that India or even Israel are behind terror attacks in Pakistan when they admit supporting the Taliban which attacks Pakistan, and given the fact that those are usually Pashtuns who are murdered, and Pashtuns who are punished… And how Israel got in to the mix I have no idea… They didn’t even bother coming up with a motive which is the basis of any respectable imaginary conspiracy theory… It is really incredible that they managed to do that.)

One small anecdote. They don’t just try to make people hate Jews, but apparently they try to make Jews hate Pashtuns. For example, I encounter this ISIS supporter in facebook, who claimed to be a Pashtun, but obviously he doesn’t know Pashto:

Unfortunately, facebook deleted his account so I can’t give you a link to this post, but many people saw it. He actually isn’t the first one that lies about being a Pashtun and started cursing Jews and supporting ISIS (I encountered at least 3 others who did this but I couldn’t catch them as nicely as I caught this one because they were smart enough to shut up once I wrote them in Pashto)… What’s interesting is that they only pose as Pashtuns and not as other people, and they only come up to Jews, so it can make you wonder why they do that. Anyway, you can see that some people have no problem using lie and deception to achieve their goal, and people in governments and media are no exception.

For a full debunk of the lies and deception against Israel, see this article, and remember you should always hear the arguments of both sides of a conflict before deciding who you should support.

Why should there be a Jewish state?

Well, because history has taught us that it is dangerous for us to live under the rule of anyone but our own. Besides, there are many Muslim and Christian states, so we don’t think that having one state for us, in the land of our ancestors, is too much to ask. When adding to that the fact that there is already a Jewish state, the question becomes irrelevant.

Do Israelis want a two states solution?

Yes. Most of us want the 2 states solution! Even though we believe that all the land of Israel is ours, we are realistic and if God wants us to have only parts of it, we are grateful for what he gives us. Actually, the 2 states solution was the solution of the UN in 1947 and we accepted it! Look at the peace of Israel with Jordan and Egypt… After many many wars, for a lot of years there is absolutely no conflict, no death, and as you might know, we love life, so we want to have the same peace with the Palestinians too. That said, there are some serious problems with this solution that are usually ignored by world leaders and media:

1. There can’t be a 2 state solution right know. The Hamas controls Gaza and the Fatah terror organization (also known as the Palestinian Authority) controls the west bank, and they hate each other and even kill each other. So what we really need is a 3 states solution. Please remember this fact the next time you hear some world leader talking about a 2 states solution.

2. Even a 3 states solution is impossible, because when the Hamas talks about a Palestinian state, what they have in mind is only one state that they want to form after killing or expelling all the Jews. They even admit and are proud of desiring death like Israel desires life, and using Palestinian civilians as human shields (those are their words, not mine). Not only that, but they use a lot of money for building terror tunnels that are used to send terrorists to Israeli towns for killing civilians, and manufacturing rockets that are then fired indiscriminately at Israeli civilians (20% of them are Arabs of course). They do this, of course, with money that is given to them by Europe, the US, Iran and the rest of the war loving or ignorant countries, and spend the money to cause more death they love so much (as they clearly stated in this video given above) instead of building hospitals, schools and other good things money can be used for. Given all that, no one in his right mind would give them a state (or let them out of a mental hospital), and they would probably reject any solution that includes a Jewish state anyway, just like they did in 1947.

3. Last but not least, the “ray of hope” for peace, Abu Mazen, the head of the Fatah terror organization that controls the west bank, feels no shame in supporting terrorism (you can also get a glimpse of what the Hamas thinks of terrorism in that video). Some people might think those terrorists that Abu Mazen supports are some kind of heroic freedom fighters, but the truth is they stab pregnant women and little children, and one of them even stabbed an 80 years woman in the back. Anyone who thinks these kind of people are heroes, or that those who support them are sane, is himself insane. And please don’t believe me! Watch the video and listen to Abu Mazen with your own ears. Also notice that they don’t hide it, so if you never heard this truth, you should wonder why and be suspicious of anyone who made you think otherwise.

To summarize it, most Israelis would support a Palestinian state (or 2 states if they want 1 for Gaza and another 1 for the west bank), as long as it would be peaceful. Currently, although many world leaders ignore this fact, it is, unfortunately, impossible. You can rightfully claim that it isn’t the Palestinian civilians’ fault their leaders are evil people, but it was them who elected the Hamas in a democratic elections, and even without this fact, as terrible as their situation might be, it is also not Israel’s fault. We must protect ourselves from those crazy death seeking terrorists.

The Pashtuns and their right to the holy land

It is well known that the Pashtuns are the 10 tribes of Israel who were taken to Afghanistan more than 2500 years ago. Given that, you might claim that the Pashtuns also have a rightful part in the holy land. Well, you might not know this but the Jews are praying for the return of the 10 tribes since the moment they were taken away.

Writer:  Nadav Sofy

The writer earns his living as a software developer, and spends his free time trying hard to bring the people of Israel closer to God and to each other. He has huge love and respect for the Pashtun nation and he is 100% sure that Pashtuns are his brothers, Bene Israel, the children of prophets Avraham, Yishak and Yaakov. The writer can be reached at


(The views expressed by this writer do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of THE PASHTUN TIMES)

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