Decision on increasing NATO troops in Afghanistan to be taken soon: Stoltenberg

Jens-Stoltenberg-on-Russian-jet-downed-665x443-665x443KABUL: The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said the alliance will soon decide regarding the request to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan.

Speaking to media during his trip to London, Stoltenberg said “We have received a request from our military authorities to increase our military presence in Afghanistan with a few thousand troops.”

Stoltenberg further added “We are now assessing that request; we will make decisions on the scale and the scope of the mission within weeks.”

However, he said this is not about returning back to a combat operation in Afghanistan and it will continue to be a train, assist and advice operation.

“Because I strongly believe that the best answer we have to terrorism, the best weapon we have to terrorism is to train local forces to fight terrorism, to stabilise their own country,” he added.

The NATO Secretary General said NATO has played a key role in the fight against terrorism for many, many years.

“Our biggest military operation ever is our operation in Afghanistan.  And Afghanistan is about fighting terrorism,” he said, adding that “It’s about preventing that Afghanistan again becomes a safe haven for international terrorists.”

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