D.I. KHAN: Radio Mashaal sponsorship to the local event is under question mark

The annual Tribal Night Program 2016 is sponsored by Mashaal Radio on Wednesday evening but the chief guest is Ali Amin Gandapur from PTI and not a tribal leader  from FATA which is a question mark on the role of the sponsor. Radio Mashaal

D.I. KHAN: The Tribal Students Organization (TSO) from the Gomal University D.I. Khan has organised its annual Program and Musical Night 2016, today on Wednesday evening. TSO is a non-political students organization from tribal areas of FATA in Gomal University D.I. Khan. TSO organizes this event every year to address the issues of students belong to FATA and to seek solutions of their problems in collaborations with the university administration.

President of TSO, Nimatullah Wazir told THE PASHTUN TIMES that the program and musical night is sponsored by Radio Mashaal RFE and he added that the chief guest invited to the event is Ali Amin Gandapur (MPA. PK 64) from PTI. He said that he is thankful to Selaab Mehsud who is a local correspondent with Radio Mashaal from D.I. Khan and nearby regions. Naimatuallah also appreciated the role of Radio Mashaal for sponsoring them and contributing much fund for a small event.

However students leaders from FATA in the mentioned university have showed serious concerns over the event andRaheem Bittani objected the role of Mashaal Radio as a sponsor. Talking to THE PASHTUN TIMES, Rahim Bittani, a former student leader of TSO, said that for the first time Radio Mashaal is violating the long established convention of the event. He said that the chief guest Ali Amin Gandapur, invited to the event has no valuable political profile for the people of FATA and in this regard the sponsorship of Radio Mashaal is under question mark. He said that Ali Amin from PTI, so far, has not issued a single statement regarding tribal issues and even he is more in favour to vacate D.I. Khan from the tribal people. He added that in past, a tribal leadership was invited to the event which was a long established convention.

Raheem Bittani told to THE PASHTUN TIMES that the chief guest must be a tribal political activist or Mashar with a valuable profile. He also criticized the local correspondent Selaab Mehsud of Radio Mashaal, for violating the very convention of the event and added that Selaab Mehsud is pursuing his personal interests while inviting Ali Amin Gandapur as a chief guest to the annual tribal event. Mr. Bittani added that tribal students those of Sherani, Wazir, Bittani and Mehsud are going to boycott this event and will not participate in it. He said this event has now changed into PTI’s event and not tribal’s event. He also showed reservations over the president-ship of Naimatullah as he is not a regular student of the Gomal University and even the mentioned university has declared him not a regular student in an FIR in a local Police Station.

He said Radio Mashaal should stop sponsoring the event where the chief guest is from a political party and not from the tribal areas and also added that, even though, he has great respect for Selaab Mehsud but Mr. Selaab must be made accountable for violating the rules of the event and showing inclination to a political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and Ali Amin Gandapur, MPA from PTI. He said that Radio Mashaal should not violate the very convention of the event and should stop to sponsor political mafia in the mentioned university.

However, when THE PASHTUN TIMES contacted Radio Mashaal correspondent Selaab Mehsud via telephone then he was reluctant and was not willing to talk to THE PASHTUN TIMES over the reservations of the tribal students.

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