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Culture promotion, national solidarity vital for Afghanistan’s progress

Presintation-615x300@2xKABUL: The New Beginning Network launched its second discussion as part of the “Academic Discourse Series 2016” with scholars, intellectuals and members of civil society in Kabul and urged the government to include positive cultural values in its national development strategies for peace, national unity and sustainable economic development.

Dr Hassan Makaremi, a psychoanalyst and strategy development expert from Iran living in France, who presented an innovative approach of strategy development under consideration of cultural aspects of a society, said that if the Afghan government wants to overcome existing challenges then it has to emphasize on  cultural values and national solidarity in its strategic planning.

He said that nation building and culture promotion should be major elements in the strategic objectives and can lead the country towards a sustainable development, peace and prosperity.

He stressed that Afghanistan requires a holistic strategy, where the cultural pillar of the country should play a central role, adding that the current conflict has not only its roots in foreign interference and misfortune, but ignoring the countries roots of cultural values have contributed to the current situation of the country.

“Afghan cultural values are admirable but should be respected at all great levels. While formulating the strategic objectives of Afghanistan, the government shall identify all strengths and weaknesses and analyze the benefits of them for national solidarity,” he mentioned. National solidarity will strengthen the country’s unity and will increase the self-confidence of the nation.

He underlined that nation building, culture promotions and establishment of national solidarity is an effective solution for security improvement.

Dr Hassan Makaremi is an Iranian psychoanalyst, strategy development expert, writer and researcher, who wrote several strategic plans and books in French and Persian languages.

He came to Kabul to evaluate the possibility of cooperation with the Afghan government and presented his approach to different high officials of the NUG.

Secretary General of New Beginning Network, Alias Wardak, said that unfortunately the place of cultural aspects in strategies is “empty”, adding that all policymakers speak about strategy and policies and plans, but almost no one considers the cultural pillars within their concepts. “Consideration of cultural aspects in strategy development, leadership and management are impartial and the art in modern leadership and management,” he said.

New Beginning is an Afghan Network, established by Afghan experts in year 2013 as an independent body with the aim to create awareness among people and strengthening national unity for a peaceful, developed and united Afghanistan. -AT


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