CSS Result 2015 And Candidates Reservations

The CSS result 2015 has been announced and DMCs of all the failed students uploaded within three days on the website of he FPSC. This result arouse many questions on social media that: What is the marking criteria of essay and composition papers? Why 2 to 3 years they hit the essay and next 2 to 3 years composition? Do they focus on idea? Grammar? Simplicity? or outstanding outline and introduction? DMCs of more than 30 students are viral on facebook who have secured more than 700 marks but failed in essay from 2 to 7 marks. An interesting thing here is that almost all of them have got 70 marks in composition.
Another aspect is that many students get clear the CSS Exam each year who are below average and have CSPs in their families. So do the CSPS also have any quota in CSS? [undefined]. Do they deserve preference? Do they have an edge for being the family members of CSPs?
In fact the FPSC is one of the most fair and trust able commission in Pakistan under the supervision of a competent chairman, his hardworking subordinates who send papers to the well-known and experienced teachers, but in-spite of all the aforementioned facts, they are not angels at all.Thus it is the need of the day and demand of thousands of students that the FPSC should explain and elaborate the above mentioned questions and revise their policies.

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