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Cross-border violations by Pakistan on agenda as Ghani chairs NSC meeting

cross-border-shellingThe growing cross-border violations by Pakistan was agenda as President Mohammad Ashraf chaired National Security Council (NSC) meeting today, the Office of the President said.

This comes as numerous cross-border violations have been reported during the past one week, including an attack by Pakistan forces which led to a clash with the Afghan border police forces in eastern Nangarhar province.

Expressing concerns regarding the growing violations by Pakistanis, the relevant institutions were instructed to take necessary measures in a bid to repulse the attempts.

The Pakistani military helicopters infiltrated inside the Afghan soil in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan recently with the local officials saying the helicopters dropped bombs on certain areas in this province.

The cross-border violations by Pakistani military was at its peak before the formation of the government of national unity late in 2014, but the provocative moves reduced by a larger extent last year.

The Pakistani military used to fire scores of artillery shells on daily basis to eastern Kunar and Nuristan provinces as well as other provinces located along the Durand Line.

The latest provocative moves by the Pakistani military comes amid ongoing joint efforts by the two countries, involving China and United States, to put an end to the ongoing violence in the country through peaceful negotiations in the form of Quadrilateral Coordination Group. -KP

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