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Couple got married in front of 1,100 guests who were all cats

Canadian-couple-marry-in-front-of-catsA couple in United States got married in an unusual ceremony attended by 1,100 guests but they were all cats, it has been reported.

The couple, Louise Veronneau and Dominic Husson, tied the knot outside the city of Parlier in California State of the United States on Tuesday.

Originally from Canada, the couple met in Montreal and decided to get married an animal sanctuary called Cat House on the Kings, in front of 1,100 cats.

Both Louise and Dominic have a passion for animals and the decision to marry in an animal sanctuary was taken after Louise visited the sanctuary based in California back in 2012.

According to reports, the sanctuary is home to 24,000 cats and 7,000 dogs since it opened 24 years ago.

Louise fell in love with the sanctuary after her visit and decided to return with a wish to get married in the same sanctuary.

“I feel in love, I feel in love with the work Lynea and her team is doing for the cats and the rescuing,” she was quoted as saying in a report by The Independent.

Dominic said “We are both animal lovers and it was easy. She is a great person, that is why I married her.” -KP


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