‘Corridor Front’ is a positive and laudable step: Aurangzeb Kasi

Aurangzeb Kasi

ISLAMABAD: Leader ANP (Wali) Aurangzeb Kasi appreciated the role of Dr. Said Alam Mehsud and his organization Pashtunkhwa Ulasi Tahreek (PUT) for making ‘Corridor Front’. He said that it is time for Pashtuns to unite.

Talking to THE PASHTUN TIMES, Aurangzeb Kasi said that Corridor Front will be proved an effective forum while struggling for the Pashtuns ‘due share’ in the CPEC project. As CPEC is a multi-billion dollars project but the Federal Government is at full gallop to deprive Pashtuns from their ‘rightful’ share. Here, the struggle of Dr. Said Alam Mehsud and his ‘Pashtunkhwa Ulasi Tahreek’ is laudable indeed.

Aurangzeb Kasi added that this front is a joint forum, representing various political parties and organizations, different sections of society from Pakhtun belt will work together now. I can tell you that to bring Pashtun leadership on a single forum is not an easy job. Obviously, the credit goes to Dr. Said Alam Mehsud and his friends. Being a leader of ANP (Wali), we fully support the efforts of Dr. Said Alam Mehsud, we stand together with him and we are also part of the Corridor Front. I also request the rest of the political parties from the Pashtun belt that for the greater interest of Pashtun nation they should join hands together with the Corridor Front. Today, every Pashtun has realized the fact that Pakistan is Punjab and Punjab is Pakistan while Balochs, Sindhis and Pashtuns are the children of the lesser God. If we want to get rid from the servile bands of Punjab then Pashtuns and Pashtun’s leaderships should make a joint strategy to work for the Pashtun cause together.

Talking to THE PASHTUN TIMES, Aurangzeb Kasi said that today Punjab rules the country politically, militarily and economically. Punjab is the soul decision maker and deals internal as well as foreign affairs of the country alone. While Pashtuns and Balochs are given zero percent representation in the internal and external decision making processes. Everything is in the complete control of Punjab. Also, situations of the region are very vulnerable; Pakistan is in the state of uncertainty. Pashtuns are facing very severe situations, such as Bengali did in 1971. Therefore, for Pashtuns to get unite is the need of the time. And I am sure that this ‘Corridor Front’ will play a key role to bring Pashtuns together on a single forum in order to face the present situations.

Aurangzeb Kasi said that, however, ANP (Wali) is in its initial stages after its emergence but following the steps of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan and being a member of the Corridor Front, our party will play a decisive role  while struggling for the rights of Pashtuns in the CPEC project. Mr. Kasi added a final word that CPEC is one and we will accept it only on the western route and not on the eastern route.

By Aurangzeb Zalmay


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