Congratulation Message from Mujeeb Ur Rehman, Washington Based Journalist

12179751_10205606015049717_1484462544_n” I am so Proud of the team who came up with the idea of a news network for leading the true opinion and presenting the many ” new to the world” aspects of Pashtoons. In terms of media, Pashtoon no doubt is among the most under represented nations of the world. They are in dire need of media organizations purely for Pashtoons and most importantly BY Pashtoons. I congratulate the team of The Pashtoon Times for their successful launch. I wish them success in their mission and I hope they will never compromise on Journalistic ethics while representing the most under reported nation in the region and that it would work towards becoming a role model for many more such networks to come. Cheers”

Mujeeb Ur Rehman, Washington Based Journalist.


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