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Conflicting reports regarding brutal killings of Afghan refugees in Turkey

Afghan-rtefugees-Turkey_editConflicting reports continue to emerge regarding the brutal killings of the Afghan refugees in Turkey, a distressing incident which has apparently sparked after the killing of a Turkish national.

The number of the Afghan refugees killed in the aftermath of the incident on Turkish citizen has not been ascertained so far but reports suggest over ten people have bee killed or brutally lynched by the angry mob.


Several distressing videos and pictures have emerged online purportedly showing the brutal beating and stabbing of the Afghan refugees, although the footages and pictures could not be verified independently.

The Hurriyet Daily newspaper on Monday reported that a group of Turks on Monday attempted to lynch an Afghan man in Istanbul over the killing of a Turkish young man.

According to the paper, the incident took place at the funeral of 24-year-old Ramazan Sahin, who was stabbed to death on Sunday night during a brawl between Turkish residents and a group of Afghans and Syrians in Istanbul’s Sultangazi district.

The report further added that some youngsters in the neighborhood started to beat the Afghan with sticks, as hundreds of others were waiting for the funeral.

The riot police dispersed the crowd later by firing painted capsules to identify the perpetrators, the paper stated in its report, adding that The brawl broke out reportedly after the group of foreigners heckled women in the neighborhood.

According to Hurriyet Daily’ About 60 people from both sides were involved in the fight, Sahin’s uncle Salih Arslan was quoted as saying.

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