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Concerns Rise Over Drug Production and Trafficking in Afghanistan


AFGHANISTAN: The Counter Criminal Narcotics Justice Task Force (CJTF) officials said on Wednesday that the increase in drug production and trafficking in Afghanistan during 2015 is a matter of serious concern for the Afghan government.

According to the CJTF, at least 473 incidents related to drug trafficking and production have been registered by the organization and 598 suspects have been arrested in connection with these cases during 2015.

“Nearly 4.5 tons of heroin, 16 kilograms of morphine, 24.5 tons of opium, over 158 tons of hashish, 13,107 litters of alcoholic beverages, 136 light and heavy weapons and 275 vehicles were confiscated in nine months of this year,” said Ahmad Khalid Moahid, a spokesman for CJTF.CW6cMqeWcAEy8QV

According to the CJTF, Logar, Nangarhar, Kandahar, Nimroz, Kabul, Helmand and Badakhshan are among the top provinces where drugs are produced and smuggled.

Meanwhile, Daikundi, Khost, Kapisa, Bamiyan and Panjsher are the provinces where no incidents related to drugs production and trafficking were reported during the nine months of 2015.

The CJTF officials meanwhile called on the international community to help Afghanistan overcome the drugs problem.

“Drug [trafficking and production] poses a similar threat as terrorism. International institutions should help Afghanistan to overcome this problem,” they added.

A number of analysts meanwhile believe that the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan has affected the Afghan government’s counternarcotic campaign during the past year.


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