Civil society denounces fencing on Durand Line, demands govt to allocate seats for Pashtunkhwa in Afghan Parliament

DurandKABUL: Civil society organisations have denounced the fencing of the Durand Line by the Pakistan Army and asked the government to allocate seats for the people of Pakhtunkhwa in the Wolesi Jirga.

Civil Society activist Faiz Mohammad Zaland said the British-era Durand Line had divided Pakhtun tribes. He promised they would continue their campaign against this imaginary line, which is not recognised by Kabul.

“Over the past few years, Pakistan has been violating the DuranD Line, but the Afghan government has shown no reaction. Under the national unity government, Afghanistan’s position on Durand Line had become even weaker.”

Islamabad had constructed gates at crossing points and tried to take control of Luqman and Jahangir villages in Spin Boldak district, but the Afghan government had been insouciant about continued violations by the neighboring country.

Civil society activists expressed, besides expressing their viewpoints on the issue, passed a unanimous resolution, saying Duran line was not a formal border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was not acceptable to Afghanistan, the resolution added.

Islamabad and the international community were told that any kind of construction work on the Durand Line was illegal and would draw strong reaction from the people of Afghanistan.

The resolution said the construction of gates, fencing, digging of ditches and other activities could not separate Pashtuns. The fencing of the line by the Pakistan Army was denounced as a futile exercise.

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