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CIA ‘live tweets’ to mark five-year death anniversary of Osama bin Laden

Osama-bin-LadenThe decision by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to live-tweet the military operation that culminated in the death of Osama bin Laden “as if it were happening today” has been criticized by online users.

The criticisms followed after CIA shared details of the mission and intelligence that led to America’s most wanted man being found, with majority of the audience reacting negatively.

The series of tweets included complete with diagrams of the compound that the al-Qaida leader was killed in – marked five years since “Operation Neptune Spear”.

ICA also tweeted an illustration of the compound where Bin Laden was hiding and the features that led to its discovery including “trash burned not collected”.

The CIA announced to its 1.33m followers on Twitter that it would be tweeting the raid on Sunday using the hashtag #UBLRaid.

One of the Twitter users called the move “grotesque and embarrassing” while others posted memes and gifs of people rolling their eyes and putting their heads in their hands.

Bin Laden was killed on 2 May 2011 after a raid on his compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan by United States Navy Seal commandos. -KP


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