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CIA honors officer who had saved Hamid Karzai’s life



KABUL: The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has honored one of its veteran officers who had once saved the life of the former Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

The officer who has now retired after serving for almost thirty years has been identified as Greg Vogle.

According to the reports, Vogle has served in various missions domestically and internationally while he was serving as the CIA officer.

However, he attracted the media attention and became famous after reports emerged regarding his devotion while saving Karzai’s life during a friendly airstrike in 2001.

The airstrike was mistakenly called in by another American officer as a gathering was underway in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan amid ongoing offensive to topple down the Taliban regime and eliminate the Al-Qaeda terrorist network from the country.

Vogle reportedly used himself to shelter Karzai and pushed him to ground so that his can life be saved from the airstrike.

According to the officials, at least three Americans and five Afghans had lost their lives in the airstrike.

However, Karzai survived the raid amid reports he had sustained minor injuries but assumed the charge as the leader of the interim government of Afghanistan days after the incident. -KP

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