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Children at orphanage miss their parents on Eid festival

ORPHANAGE KABULKABUL: Eid-ul-Fitr is a festival for many after one month of fasting, worship and prayers but orphan and homeless children are far to enjoy the celebration of these important religious days.

Reyazuddin, 12, hailing from Badakhshan province, is among the children who lost his father and stays at the Alauddin Orphanage of capital Kabul from the past three years.

When asked what Eid meant to him he replied: “Eid means to be with your father and mother and go to places where you feel happy.”

“I miss my mother, couldn’t meet her in the past three years. Sometimes I want to go and visit her in Badakhshan,” he added.

Matiullah, 13 the resident of Baghlan province, who lost his mother and father, is another orphan studying in the Alauddin Orphanage.

“Eid means to be with your family and parents, the orphanage is also like a home and a family but I always miss my parents particularly during Eid, I wish my parents were alive and I was by their side.”

Mehnaz, 11, said after the death of her mother her father did not care of her thus he sent her to the orphanage.

“I wished to celebrate the Eid with my family, but I can’t. My dream would remain in my heart forever,” she deplored.

Mawa, in charge of the Alauddin Orphanage, said 110 girls and 140 boys were being kept at the facility.

She said they tried every year to offer clothes gifts and take them outside for sightseeing during Eid days.

She asked businessmen and well-off people to remember orphan children during their Eid celebration so their contributions would somehow help the children to feel happy during the holydays. -Pajhwok

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