Child suicide bomber surrenders to Nangarhar police

ننګرهار ځانمرګىJALALABAD: A child suicide bomber, trained in a Peshawar-based seminary, surrendered to police before blowing himself up in eastern Nangarhar province, officials said on last Wednesday.

The 12 years old boy, Abu Zar, is a resident of the Wazirbagh area of Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The boy said he was trained on suicide bombing for two years.

Nangarhar police chief, Maj. Gen. Fazal Ahmad Sherzad, told a news conference the suicide bomber sneaked through the Torkham border into the province.

“This child was trained on terror techniques at a madrasa in Peshawar before being sent here to carry out a suicide attack, but he changed his mind and surrendered to police in Lalpura district,” he said.

Abu Zar told reporters his mother had died and his father was a drug addict. He received terror training in Peshawar. Trainers showed him videos to motivate the boy into joining the jihad against the Afghan government.

“I came through Torkham to Lalpura. It was on Friday that I entered a mosque for offering prayers, but most of worshippers were Afghan security personnel who were introduced to me as non-believers.

“I, therefore, felt I had been fed lies and I surrendered to police with the help of a religious scholar,” Abu Zar added. Children trained for carrying out suicide attacks have surrendered to police in the past as well. -Pajhwok

Courtesy: Shamshad TV


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