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Cause of peace can’t be advanced through leaked documents: US

PEACE TALKSWASHINGTON: The United States Friday said it is not in a position to comment on the authenticity of the leaked documents that establishes relationship between the Pakistan and terrorist groups and noted that the cause of peace cannot be advanced through such moves.’

“We are not in a position to comment on the documents or speculate about their authenticity,” a State Department Spokesperson told Pajhwok Afghan News responding to questions on former head of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency claims that leaked documents showed Pakistan’s link to groups that carry out attacks inside Afghanistan.

“We do not believe that the cause of peace is advanced through media allegations and documents leaked by former government officials,” the spokesperson said.

The United   States, the spokesperson said, has consistently expressed its deep concern with the Government of Pakistan about terrorist sanctuaries that afford extremists the ability to undermine Afghanistan’s stability and target U.S. and Coalition forces.

“We have urged the Government of Pakistan to redouble its commitment to counterterrorism cooperation with Afghanistan against all groups that pose a long-term security threat to the region,” the official said.

“In this regard, we welcome General Raheel Sharif’s most recent statement of July 6, in which he directed Pakistani military commanders, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement agencies to take concrete measures to deny any militant group safe haven or the use of Pakistani soil to launch terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, and we look forward to its implementation,” the spokesperson said. -PAN


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