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Pashtun thrown to the wolves

Pashtun thrown to the wolves BY HABIB KHAN: Bearing seventy three years brutality and oppression of Pakistani state since the partition of sub-continent, in the present time Pashtuns just yell this burden in the historical trepidatious words of their freedom ...

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The Last Chapter

The demography plays an important role in the stability, peace, progress and smooth running of a country and the foreign and domestic policy is grossly rest on demography, strategic location. Watan (Motherland) and country are inherently different words. Countries are ...

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The Central Asian front

“The pledging of oath of allegiance by Aiman-ul-Zwahiri, the head of Al-Qaida, to Haibatullah Akhunzada, the new leader of Taliban removes every doubt about the international character of the Taliban terrorist threat.” Central Asia doesn’t receive full attention in discussions ...

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