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The return of warlord

Gulbadin, a former warlord and nicknamed as “Butcher of Kabul” returned to Kabul from his 19 years of hiding out to a glorious welcome, leading of a mammoth vehicular procession from Jalal-Abad to Kabul. He was given stately reception by ...

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Afghanistan and Trump

Since the takeover by Mr. Trump, one is really at pain to find the reason for “no US policy” for Afghanistan in spite of the immense increase of the interest of the regional players and operation Mansouri. (Code name for ...

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Mob justice and Religion?

With a spank of high velocity, a life came to an end. He is dead one whispered to the other. Yes in the dormitory. God is great. God is great. Students and staff shouting in the chorus.  To be students ...

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Civil society and civic life in Afghanistan

It is interesting to note that electronic media has taken longer strides than print media in the war-torn country. The evolution of the concept of civil society over the past several hundred years makes an interesting study.  Hobbes, Locke, Hegel, ...

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Pakistan and abuse of religion

Pakistani ruling elites hold Pakistan acrimonious to Islam and proudly claims that it was the first country which was carved from the belly of India in the name of Islam. Unless one has detailed knowledge of philosophy, one cannot use ...

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The Witch-hunt

The two nations narrative, based on religious hatred suddenly ceased to exist when India was declared independent and a new state was carved from its belly, named Pakistan on 15th August 1947. On the first anniversary, the date was changed to ...

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