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Hinduism in FATA: Minority religions fading as ETPB appropriate worship places in FATA and elsewhere

PARACHINAR: (BY ANWAR ZEB) Maria Kumari lowers her head and touches the tip of her nose with her index finger, She lips moving silently in prayers. She is offering the Kamaya Karam – a religious prayer to get her wishes granted. Her whole family pray in the upper story of their house instead of a Mandar, or a temple for ...

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Pope Francis washed and kissed feet of refugees including Muslims for Easter Week

In a gesture of welcome amid rising anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment, Pope Francis has visited a refugee centre to wash and kiss the feet of Muslim, Orthodox, Hindu and Catholic refugees, it has been reported. The move by Pope Francis comes as anti-Muslim sentiment has further spiked following coordinated attacks in Brussels which followed months after deadly attack in Paris. ...

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