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Geostrategic vs. Geoeconomic

Obsession with the geostrategic has been deeply rooted in the ethos of the Pakistani state since its very inception. The survival instincts of a fragile new state probably necessitated it. But the geostrategic theories of the colonial ideologues also had ...

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Why are Pakistanis reading less?

Our education system has to be transformed along the lines which inculcate lifelong learning habits among the students Books are man’s best friend. They are the carrier of his intellectual heritage and a matchless source of recreation. In a consumerist ...

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FATA- The divine status quo

Mainstreaming of FATA is inevitable and the plans for which it was kept as a buffer zone are no more practicable After a rigorous emphasis on mainstreaming FATA in national action plan followed by a consensus amongst the FATA parliamentarians ...

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In the Land of Ignorance

The westerns are blamed for as big as Islamic State and as small as the traffic jam I read the article by Daniel Pipes with great interest and felt some silent realities has been given voice. Though, I beg to ...

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