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Who rules Pakistan?

The gloves are coming off as the creeping coup is entering its final stage and is going for the kill. We have been told that the JIT is an extension of the Supreme Court. We already know that it’s also ...

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The myth of accountability

Although the Supreme Court is expected to take up the inquiry report of the JIT against the Sharif family on Monday, but it seems to be a mere  formality as the cheerleaders of the creeping coup are determined to force ...

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Baloch in the eye of storm

It has become almost a norm for Balochistan to make it to the headlines during every regional crises situation in the last so many decades. Afghanistan was accused by Pakistan for supporting Baloch nationalist uprisings that started in 1973 after ...

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Inspire and Burn in Hell- Brzezinski!

Zbigniew Brzezinski was a well known American-Polish scholar of International Relations and a former American National Security Advisor who served during the Carter administration (1977-1981). He profoundly influenced US policy in dealing with tumultuous world events during the late 1970s, ...

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Justice for Mashal

Writing about the lost blood of the wretched of the earth, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, the outstanding progressive poet of Urdu in the 20th century, says in his poem “No trace of blood”: Neither on the hands and nail of the ...

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Civil society and civic life in Afghanistan

It is interesting to note that electronic media has taken longer strides than print media in the war-torn country. The evolution of the concept of civil society over the past several hundred years makes an interesting study.  Hobbes, Locke, Hegel, ...

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