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The Saffarid Period in Afghanistan

Following the fall of Sassanid Empire, two centuries of Arab hegemony in Khorasan was never popular in the Pashtun belt. This is evident from fierce resistance that was offered here to all Arabian attacks. A change in political realities, however, ...

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Pashtuns and Pashtunwali

Pashtun is a Central Asian nation that lies between the rivers Oxus and Indus. Pashtun is also known as Afghan, Pakhtun and Pathan; the latter name, however, is construed as offensive by the Pashtun people because, it is said, that ...

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A Review of ‘The Pathans’ by Ghani Khan

Ghani Khan (1914-1996) was born in Hashtnagar (Charsadda), Pakhtunkhwa. Ghani was the eldest son of the great Pashtun political and spiritual leader Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (aka: Bacha Khan) (1890-1988), who dedicated his life for the freedom, education, empowerment and ...

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