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Pashtuns’ Uprising: The Art of Resistances

Pashtuns’ Uprising: The Art of Resistances To put it simply and bluntly, James C. Scott, (an anthropologist and political critic on nations-state) discusses four forms of resistance, that’s how an individual constructs and re-constructs itself in dealing with dominant and ...

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Pashtun Long March: Opinion

After years of suppression and victimization, the long suffering Pashtuns—second largest ethnic population in Pakistan have finally found a voice and move against state sponsored terrorism and oppression. In January, thousands of ethnic Pashtuns from Tribal Region (FATA), accompanied by ...

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To Be Young and Pashtun in Pakistan

LAHORE, Pakistan — On Jan. 13, the police in Karachi, Pakistan, claimedto have killed four militants suspected of having links to the Islamic State. Rao Anwar, the officer leading the operation, said that the men had opened fire on the police ...

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The protest of the Pashtun: Opinion

MANZOOR AHMAD PASHTEEN: Our journey began in pitch darkness. I came of age at a time when my family and our entire community, the Mehsud (locally called Maseed) tribe, was forced to leave our South Waziristan homeland during a massive ...

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#PashtunLongMarch – A peaceful resistance

It has been a week that thousands of Pashtuns man, women, youth have gathered outside the press club in Islamabad highlighting human rights violations against their community. The march began with demand ‘justice for Naqibullah’ A young Pashtun shopkeeper killed ...

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