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We still have a soul

BY BABAR SATTAR: Manzoor Pashteen’s social consciousness may be rooted in his Pashtun identity. He may be motivated by sufferings of fellow Pushtun’s he has seen growing up. But the questions he is asking are relevant for all of us. ...

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Pashtun Uprising

The upsurge of the youth and ordinary Pashtuns mainly from the FTA in recent weeks has been defying all odds till now. It has stirred Pakistan’s society in a relative inertia and has sent a fresh breeze of hope, encouragement ...

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Pakistan Plunges in Crisis

The situation in Pakistan is becoming more chaotic with every passing day. Who is doing what, is a guessing game. One thing is for sure that no one is doing its job. The institutions though rudimentary in nature never hesitate ...

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The Uprising

His mission is not to attain power but to dismantle the power of those who has invited nothing but miseries to his nation in the name of religion. Any big event is rarely engineered and put in action. It is ...

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Policing Fata

THE passage of the Extension of Jurisdiction to Fata Bill, 2017, extending the superior courts’ jurisdiction to Fata, is a measure to free the tribal population from a colonial past, besides being the first practical step to introduce a modern ...

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