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Pakistan and Imran Khan Face a New Crossroad

Pakistan’s July 25 election resembled an episode of the theatre of cruelty: widespread accusation of vote-rigging, suicide bombs, at least 157 death and over 200 wounded, internationally designated terror suspects allowed to contest, the former prime minister behind bars, 370,000 ...

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The election blues

The much talked about democratic transition that was supposed to have started with the general elections in 2008 and continued through the general elections of 2013 has for all practical purposes died down. The so called soft creeping coup which ...

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Afraid of Revolution?

Sometimes an incident can spur a revolution. If delve into the history, we can find ample examples in which an event has brought down cruel kings or the statuesque has been dashed into pieces at the very least. The aftermath ...

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Pantomime of FATA reforms

As if this was not enough, the civil and military bureaucracy is about to spring another surprise on the Parliament by imposing the so called Interim Governance Order 2018 which is a new form of the despicable FCR. Ultimately the ...

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The words, he uttered?

At last “the soul” spoke out the two forbidden words; Pashtun vs. Military. The later didn’t like and resorted to repression on Pashtun youths. Their Printed material confiscated and the right to free movement of the “CHE” were restricted. Air ...

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The power shift

Formally the constitutional term of the present government will come to an end with completion of the term of elected assemblies by the end of May but power has already been shifted from elected to non elected executive far before ...

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