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Roots of terrorism not in Afghanistan

EDITORIAL: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has recently decided to deploy more troops in Afghanistan. The NATO secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg announced in Brussels that so far 15 member countries have showed readiness to send additional forces to the war-torn ...

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Need of action instead of empty talks

EDITORIAL: Meaningful dialogue is very much important. There is simply no alternative to conciliation through a dialogue which leads toward some results. Empty talk and promise in big official gatherings is no more worthy, and the Afghan masses will not ...

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Kabul Peace Process: Afghans want peace

EDITORIAL: President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday officially opened the Kabul Process for Peace and Security Cooperation Conference, saying that six days ago, 13 brave Afghan policemen gave their lives to stop a sewerage truck packed with military grade explosives from ...

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Pakistan – the main factor in Kabul carnage

EDITORIAL: A scene of fear and terror unlashed on Wednesday morning, after a massive blast shaken Kabul, the capital city, in which hundreds of innocent Afghans were killed and wounded. There is no doubt that heinous terrorists have once again ...

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