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FATA- The divine status quo

Mainstreaming of FATA is inevitable and the plans for which it was kept as a buffer zone are no more practicable After a rigorous emphasis on mainstreaming FATA in national action plan followed by a consensus amongst the FATA parliamentarians ...

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In the Land of Ignorance

The westerns are blamed for as big as Islamic State and as small as the traffic jam I read the article by Daniel Pipes with great interest and felt some silent realities has been given voice. Though, I beg to ...

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East Meets West in the Land of Ignorance

Daniel Pipes, the great American scholar and expert on the Middle East, Islam, and more recently said in a Times of India interview that, “there’s a tendency in west Asia to blame western powers for whatever happens – be it ...

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Political Correctness Is Bad: Discuss

2016. Trump is rising. Right-wing parties loom across Europe. Free expression is under threat. So why is a tree-hugging, lefty, feminist media-lawyer-type like me concerned about the left‘s problem with Free Speech? Should a cisgendered, white, straight, male even be ...

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Musings on the drawings of Ghani Khan

Most of us are familiar with the poetry of Ghani Khan, arguably one of the most important and eminent Pashto poets of the twentieth century. While some are acquainted with his work as a sculptor and painter, his drawings moreover ...

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Ghani Khan: Life and Works

Khan Abdul Ghani Khan, also known by his pen name ‘Lewanae Falsafi’, was a modern Afghan-Pashtun poet and artist of the 20th century, and one of the best speakers of the Central Legislative Assembly of British-India in 1947. He was ...

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