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Challenges to the federation

The Senate of Pakistan which is the house of the federation celebrated its 44th Foundation Day on August 5. It was on this date 43 years ago that the Senate was founded in which all the federating units have equal ...

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  From Babra to Quetta?

“You may call it the terrorists or outfits of the agencies. As you wish? I beg to disagree with the word “Non-State actors”. They are owned and nurtured by our own state and enjoy more facilities than the residents of ...

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After the Quetta carnage

Last Monday Quetta saw yet another horrendous bloodbath. This time round the brunt of terrorist attack was borne by the lawyers community of Balochistan although some non-lawyers also lost their lives as they happened to be around the hospital where members ...

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Dangerous impasse

In response to a question about the possibility of talks with Pakistan recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi posed an interesting question; he said to whom in Pakistan should he talk to? Mr Modi might have said that for scoring ...

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Case against PoPA extension

Protection of Pakistan Act (PoPA) one of the major anti-terrorist laws in Pakistan, expired yesterday. It was promulgated in July 2014 with a two year sunset clause. In this way PoPA has come to an end after completing its prescribed ...

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Terrorism is a Mindset

Remember that getting rid of the responsibility by saying they do not belong to us is not a solution to save oneself. Would you have accepted a same reaction and logic of terrorism if people of another faith carry on ...

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