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The gathering storm

South Asia attracted international attention once again during this week but unfortunately once again it was for the wrong reasons. The news was not about double-digit economic growth, impressive social indicators or ground breaking technological innovation. The news was about ...

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Of Arab and Ajam

Apparently the current row between the conservative Sunni-Saudi monarchy and the Shi’a theocracy of Iran is called a Haj-spate as the war of words between the world’s two most oppressive regimes has emanated from their dispute about the annual pilgrimage ...

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Challenges to the State

Since its inception; Pakistan is on wobbly ground. The heebie-jeebies state is multifactorial. Some goes back to its genesis followed by political, economic, ethnic, sectarian and social convolutions. It is pointless to go into the genesis but one fails to ...

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The FATA status quo

Yet another report on FATA reform has appeared and religiously repeating the past practice once more, the state has “delayed” it’s implementation for “further discussions” on the report. This decision was taken by a high level meeting convened by the ...

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