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Justice for Mashal

Writing about the lost blood of the wretched of the earth, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, the outstanding progressive poet of Urdu in the 20th century, says in his poem “No trace of blood”: Neither on the hands and nail of the ...

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Middle Eastern temptations

It is hardly surprising to see the eruption of a heated debate in Pakistan over the decision of General (retired) Raheel Sharif (GRS) to become head of the so-called Islamic Military Alliance which is cobbled together by Saudi Arabia. Many ...

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Politics of demography

The term census was originally coined by Romans to keep a count of the male population fit for military services. But during the socio-historical evolution of the world it mainly came to mean national population and housing censuses that provides ...

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Civil society and civic life in Afghanistan

It is interesting to note that electronic media has taken longer strides than print media in the war-torn country. The evolution of the concept of civil society over the past several hundred years makes an interesting study.  Hobbes, Locke, Hegel, ...

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Some stocktaking

The main feature of Pakistan’s 70th National Day was the impressive and colourful military parade that remained the focus of media coverage on 23rd of March this year. The march past was supposed to represent the country’s determination for defeating ...

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Myth of accountability

Afrasiab Khan Khattak With the exception of a few sane voices Pakistan has lacked a rational and fair discourse on the question of accountability for obvious reasons. Prerequisites for genuine accountability such as supremacy of the Constitution, rule of law ...

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