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Book Review : Ghost Wars

Book Review : Ghost Wars  Writer: Steve Coll Review : Zahid Khattak This book is one of the hard to read books I have read, but it was rewarding to have finished reading this book.”Ghost Wars “ is extremely detailed ...

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A book review: My life with the Taliban

“My Life With The Taliban” A Book Review by Zahid Khattak Abdus Salam Zaeef, a former Taliban envoy to Pakistan, offers a unique contribution to the literature written on the conflict in Afghanistan along with his autobiography. He presents an ...

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The Great Game sears Pashtun homeland

Rajiv Dogra’s book, Durand’s Curse: A Line across the Pashtun Heart, is a perceptive analysis of the adventurism that created the Afghan problem. It is a must read for scholars of South Asia Barring perhaps tiny Sri Lanka, the British Empire ...

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Diwal Sara khabaray: An ode to hope

Book Review “Dewaal Sara Khabaray” “Talking to the wall”             Rahmat Shah Sayel once wrote “Chains every where, trenches abound  and military posts dotting the homeland, Be inflamed by your own consciousness, the homeland is a hell to live in.” ...

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Book Review: The Humanistic Politics in Afghanistan

Abdul Ghafoor Liwal is an academic politician working for enlightenment and development of Afghan society for several years in Afghanistan. He has served on many governmental and non-governmental positions in Afghanistan. Mr. Liwal new book, ‘The Humanistic Politics in Afghanistan’ ...

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