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Pashtun Intelligentsia

Every human mind is capable of thinking. On the pattern of thought process, we can divide the human beings into three categories. First, some people know that they are thinking, but unable to channelize their thought processes. Second, most of ...

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Erdogan – The new elected Sultan of Turkey

Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long held ambitious to replace Kemal Ataturk (founder of the Republic of Turkey) as the country’s most revered leader, distancing himself from the founder’s ideals and emphasizing Turkey’s Ottoman and Islamic heritage over its ...

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From Socrates to Mashal Khan

The savagely violent murder of Mashal Khan on April 13 is a grim reminder of our consistency in aversion for critical minds and free thinking from olden times down to present day. This lynching is not a unique episode in ...

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Pakistan at the crossroad of ideology

In 2013, Jammat-e-Islami Pakistan declared Mohammad Bin Qasim ‘First Pakistani’. Later on in 2013, Pakistan Army Chief General Pervez Kiyani while addressing the army men said that Mohammad Bin Qasim is the ‘First Pakistani’. Apart from the dissents concerning historical ...

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YPG not the real problem of Turkey

The recent Turkish air strikes on Kurdish positions in north-eastern Syria killed at least 28 YPG fighters (People Protection Units) armed wing of Kurdish Democratic Union Party or popularly known as PYD and wounded 18 others. Since then clashes broke ...

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