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The fiasco of Turkey once we committed

Turkey is unfortunately under the wrath of terrorism and last night, Istanbul flared with abhorrent saboteurs’ bombing. This despicable attack left heavy casualties and fatalities. We are in immense grief due to this torment of our brotherly country and our ...

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FCR -Black and Barbaric Law

In the words of Late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Alvin Robert Cornelius, said that the FCR is “obnoxious to all recognized modern principles governing the dispensation of justice” Federally administered tribal areas are situated at ...

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Galloping Talibanization in my Hometown

The fabric of Pashtun societies in Balochistan have been systematically altered, since the filthy epoch of the Cold War politics in Pakistan. Because the movement of Talibanisation has entirely provoked — an enormous throng of Pashtuns — in the name ...

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Every Child is Aylan al Kurdi

In the history of the world, mothers have reared children to be slaughtered in the wake of bloody conflicts between the greedy nations. The day Aylan al Kurdi drowned, it was like every children drowned. But thanks to God, they ...

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War on terror is war on human rights

In the wake of 9/11 terror attack on World Trade Centre US attacked Afghanistan in a quest to stamp out Al-Qaeda bases and neutralize Taliban in Afghanistan, and with this started the war against terrorism. The war was later also ...

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