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Reaping the whirlwind

The targets may be different but the perpetrators of the two deadly attacks carried out in Balochistan in the space of one month are the same. The responsibility of the carnage at the shrine in Khuzdar as well as the ...

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Women are too human

In the entertainment industry, women are being sexually objectified. Though ultra-modernist might acquiesce to it yet conscience of an enlightened individual would condemn it. In every Bollywood song, let alone the item numbers, the male protagonist is surrounded by semi-nude ...

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The Blind FCR

Hitler stated, “When diplomacy ends, War begins”. The white were veteran of diplomacy in their royal ages. After conquering Punjab from Sikhs the great challenge for them was how to deal with scofflaw Tribal population in an area of Pashtun’s ...

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Inevitability of war?

The politics of villages are no different from the international politics. In Pashtun society, whenever there is a clash between two families or groups, then people pour their sympathies. However, still they would confide their fellow Pashtun brothers that both ...

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Eid Without Papa

The girl is between two impasses: the burden of losing a father and the agony of sitting by an undying senseless mother. You might be a Pakistani if you forget the unforgettable tragedies. Yet, if you impulsively react to an ...

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Countering Terror

At least after 15 years terrorism, Muslim world cannot offer any counter to the extremist ideology of the terrorist groups which defames the holy religion Islam at global level. They could not collectively come up with any Islamic fatwa against ...

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