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Bulgaria to return 53 detained Afghan migrants to Greece

stranded-afghan-migrantsAt least 53 Afghan migrants detained in Bulgaria will be returned to Greece by the Authorities who are saying the move will be taken in a bid to send a strong message” to others who might be tempted to use the same route to western Europe.

According to reports, the authorities in Bulgaria fear the migrants may try to transit its territory on their way north as the Greece’s border with Macedonia just to the west is now effectively closed to migrants.

Georgi Kostov, chief secretary of the Bulgarian interior ministry, told Reuters “All of them (the Afghan migrants) are registered in Greece and they will be returned to Greece.”

Kostov further added  that a further 34 illegal migrants had been detained on Friday night.

“(By returning the migrants back to Greece) we want to send a strong message to all who have chosen this route,” he said.

According to a statement by the Interior Ministry of Bulgaria, it would send troops to assist border police in guarding the frontier against an influx of refugees.

Bulgaria’s fears have grown following Athens’ decision this week to shut a makeshift refugee camp, the largest in Europe, on its border with Macedonia due to deteriorating humanitarian conditions. -KP


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