Brussels: Afghans protest against Pakistan rocket shelling in Afghanistan

b1BELGIUM: A large number of Afghan nationals based in Europe, staged a peaceful demonstration in front of European Parliament building in Brussels against the violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty by shelling of Pakistan’s rockets into the eastern Nangarhar and other provinces.


Shan Pacha Shinwari, leading the protest, told THE PASHTUN TIMES that the Afghans based in different European countries and people from Pakhtunkhwa took part in the protest.

He said the protest was aimed at condemning Pakistan’s rocket shelling into Afghanistan territory, claiming that the neighboring country had been supporting terrorism against Afghanistan.


Moreover, the protesters passed a resolution and submitted a copy of the resolution to the European parliament.

The resolution claimed that Pakistan had provided safe sanctuaries to terrorist outfits and continuously supporting various terrorist groups as its strategic assets.

“Pakistan has turned to be a cancer and if not restricted the entire world would suffer,” the resolution said.

The resolution demanded the European Union and its parliament to declare Pakistan a terrorist state and impose economic, political and military sanction.

They also emphasized to stop Pakistan from violating Afghanistan territorial integrity in line with the bilateral security agreement with the United States.




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