Bodies of 20 Afghans flown to Kabul after drown off Turkish coast

bodies-of-20-Afghans-flown-to-KabulThe dead bodies of 20 Afghans were flown to Kabul today from Turkey after their boat capsized recently in Turkish coast while they were on their way to Greece.

According to reports, at least 10 of the victims are members of a single family, including women, young girls and boys.

The Afghan migrants are often risking their lives by heading towards the European countries via dangerous routes including Iran and the Turkish coast.

The flow of the migrants towards the European countries continues firmly despite they are facing enormous challenges and issues, including a ban on the travel of the Afghan refugees by Macedonian authorities.

Scores of Afghan refugees have been stranded along the Macedonia and Greece border after Macedonia closed its southern border with Greece to Afghan migrants last month.

According to the reports, the Macedonian authorities are only allowing the Iraqi and Syrian migrants to cross the border.

Meanwhile, hundreds of the Afghan refugees have reportedly applied for voluntary repatriation from Germany during the recent months, with the officials in the Embassy of Afghanistan in Berlin, saying the number of Afghan migrants seeking voluntary repatriation has increased recently.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) officials, the migrants are seeking voluntary repatriation due to certain limitations they face in Germany, including limited possibilities for the family members of the migrants to join them in Germany. -KP

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