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Beyond Boundaries: A dialogue on improving relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan in Islamabad

885431-Nawaz-1431464020-896-640x480ISLAMABAD: With a view to improve relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, a dialogue entitling “Beyond Boundaries” has been hosted on Monday by the Pakistani Center of Research for Security studies and the Duran Research and Analysis of Afghanistan.

Government officials, youth and Civil Society from both countries participated in the dialogue with a view to help both countries improve their relations. In the two days dialogue the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, Mr Janan Musazai, emphasized on the need for improved relations between the two countries.

Janan Musazai added that civil society n both countries can effectively play their role in bridging the the trust between the neighboring coutries. He said further that Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has taken fundamental steps after resuming power in removing mistrust between the two countries.

The fundamental reason for breached ties between the two countries is the free movement of the Islamist militants through Durand Line. Afghan officials think that Pakistani spy agencies still maintain their support of the militants. Pakistan also blames Afghanistan to have provided space to the militants that carry activities against Pakistan.

The Pakistani federal minister for commerce Khurram Dasatagir said that Pakistan will not allow any militants to use its land against foreign countries. He hoped that both countries would soon reach a mutual consent to uproot terrorism from both countries.

One another reason for the troubled relations between the two countries is the news of the death of Mulla Umar this July who died two years ago in Pakistan. The news made it difficult for Afghanistan to continue peace process with Taliban mediated by Pakistan.


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