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Bashir Bilour: Commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary of Martyrdom


ISLAMABAD: National Youth Organization commemorated the 3rd anniversary of the martyrdom of the great Pashtun nationalist leader, Bashir Ahmad Bilour, today, in front of Islamabad Press Club.

The Central President of NYO Khushal Khan Khattak, the NYO Islamabad President Ahmed Bilour, the General Secretary of NYO Irfan Khan, Vice President NYO from Khyber-Pashtunkhwa Usman Sikandri and member of Awami National Party Nangyal Bettani addressed the condolence reference. DSCN1033

The speakers paid tribute to the political struggle of Bashir Bilour and his fight against extremism. They vowed to continue the struggle of Bashir Bilour against radicalism and terrorism in the Pashtun territory.

Khushal Khattak talking to The Pashtun Times said that Pashtuns particularly and the world generally will never forget the sacrifices of Bashir Bilour against terrorism. Nangyal Bettani throwing light on the life and struggle of Bashir Bilour told the gathering that Bashir Bilour was a mountain against terrorists. He revised the famous slogan from Basheer Bilour, “The era of Allahu-Akbar has finished and it is now the time of science.”

Bashir Bilour, who was the leader of ANP and a senior minister of Khyber-Pashtunkhwa, was killed in a suicide blast on 22nd December 2012 at a time when he was leaving a meeting of ANP workers in Peshawar.

Just one day prior to his death, Bashir Bilour said, “We will kill terrorists; we will be killed; we will not stop our fight against these inhuman terrorists until they are completely uprooted. Their bullets will finish one day but our chests will never lessen.”


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