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Baloch Rebel Leader Allah Nazar is Alive in a New Video Released by BLF

151126152039_allah_nazer_baloch_624x351_vimeo.comPESHAWAR:By Wakeel Khan:

The head of the leading Baloch separatist leader Dr Allah Nazar has appeared alive in a new video released by Baloch Liberation Front on Thursday. Earlier in August Allah Nazar was declared dead in an operation in Awaran district by Pakistani government and had considered his death to be a major victory for the state to quell Baloch separatism in Balochistan.

The date of the video has not yet been verified, yet the spokesman of BLF Miran Baloch has said that the video was shot in November.

Dr Allah Nazar vowed in the video that he would continue to lead insurgency in the mineral-rich Balochistan. “For quite some time”, Allah Nazar added, “the government has been issuing propaganda about my death. This is a blatant lie.”allah-nazar-baloch1

Baluchistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti said that since he has not seen the video, he is unable to comment on it.

In the video Allah Nazar spoke in Balochi. He is a medical doctor and hails from Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan. His Baloch Liberation Front is one of the many separatist groups in Balochistan and has by now emerged the most prominent one in Balochistan. Unlike many other separatist Baloch leaders who are hereditary Baloch Chieftains, Allah Nazar is a plebian who is slowly and gradually turning into an iconic figure for the Baloch youth.images

Allah Nazar also said that BLF would block CPEC, because the project is used to evict Baloch from their houses.

In past the rebels of BLA have carried out bombings against the security forces, government installations, and gas pipelines in Balochistan.


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