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Germany: Baloch Activists Protesting Against Human Rights Violations in Balochistan


The national government has done little to end the carnage in Balochistan, calling into question its willingness or ability to control the military and intelligence

BERLIN: Baloch Republican Party (BRP) held a protest demonstration in Germany’s capital, Berlin to highlight the human rights violations and state atrocities in Balochistan. The protest was aimed at highlighting military operations, human rights violations,enforced disappearances, and recovery of mutilated dead bodies in Balochistan. The participants have also raised concerns over the silence of international community and media over the Balochistan’s situation.

Baloch Republican Party leader, Jawad Baloch addressing the protesters said that attacks on civilian populations with gunship helicopters and ground troops in large number had became practice of a daily basis in Balochistan. “People are abducted, tortured, killed and dumped, their families are tortured including women and children, and their houses are burnt to ashes after their valuable belongings are looted” He added. Mr. Baloch said that women were not only being tortured and harassed but abducted and detained by Pakistani forces adding that recent abductions of Baloch women in Dera Bugti and Bolan were examples.

BRP leader Jawad Baloch condemned the Chinese intervention in Balochistan and especially China’s access to Gawader Port through ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)’.

According to experts the project  CPEC will turn Baloch people into Red-Indians inside their own historical land. Dr. Said Alam Mehsud an expert on CPEC told The Pashtun Times in an interview that at present scenario, this project of CPEC is not in the favour of Baloch nationalists and freedom fighters because this project can also change Baloch into minority in Balochistan, and therefore Baloch separatist’s leaders are against this project.

Paksitan has launched military operation in Balochistan since 1948 which is still continued in the mentioned region. According to Human Rights Watch, hundreds of political activists are being held and tortured by security forces in the Pakistani province of Balochistan. baloch-missing-pakistanis

The protesters strongly urged the human rights organizations to raise the issue of some 40 Baloch women abducted by Pakistan military from Balochistan’s Bolan areas. They condemned the infamous kill-and-dump operations of Pakistan army in Balochistan. According to the estimate of BRP headed by Brahumdagh Bugti, some 20000 Baloch persons are missing so far.

However, security officials in Balochistan routinely dismiss such claims as part of propaganda by separatists. Pakistani authorities say all those arrested have been produced in courts, but local NGOs report thousands of people have mysteriously disappeared.

Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest and most sparsely populated province, is also rich in minerals – with vast untapped deposits of oil, gas, copper and gold. But locals say most of this remains under the control of the federal government – its policies have left them little choice, many say, but to side with the insurgents.


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