Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation (BKTEF) Organizes Basic Teachers’ Trainng

“We need to continue our struggle for social transformation by implementing Critical Model of Education”

“We, the adherents of the narrative of Khudai Khidmatgars, must move forward collectively and network with one other in all circumstances. As adherents of Baacha Khan’s paradigm of non-violence, it is our prime responsibility and vital duty to struggle for permeation of the narrative of human dignity, pluralism and gender equity.  We need to continue our struggle for social transformation by implementing Critical Model of Education”, said Dr Khadim Hussain in his concluding remarks of the Basic Teachers’ Training arranged by the BKTEF from April 12, 2016 to April 16 2016 at the headquarters of Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation.

The training modules included Vision and mission of the BKTEF, Baacha Khan’s Paradigm, Critical Model of Education, Communication Skills, Lesson Planning, Child Psychology and Teaching Language.

The resource persons were Dr. Khadim Hussain, Mr. Imran Khan and Mr.  Faheem Ullah. The training was facilitated by the Schools Management Department and Department of Administration of the BKTEF.

The four days Basic Teachers Training consisted of Activities and Practices for learning modern teaching skills. The teachers learnt from one another through exchange of ideas and techniques. They were given in-depth orientation on Human Rights, Child Psychology, Pluralism, Culture and Celebration of Diversity.

Baacha Khan’s life was discussed in detail by Dr. Khadim Hussain through stories collected by various authors of Bacha Khan. An in-depth discussion on the BKTEF Critical Model of Education took place during the first session of the training. This part of the discussion encompassed activity based and child centered learning.

The art of conveying messages was discussed during the session on Communication Skills. Identification of claim and evidence in a statement and barriers of communication were discussed in detail.

The module of Lesson Plan included a brief discussion on different techniques for engaging students. Then a video showing how teachers of nursery grades prepare a standard lesson plans was shown. A group activity of lesson plan and lesson delivery was given to the participants. Each group then prepared and presented the lesson plans during the session. Exchange of ideas took place on each presentation.

A brief discussion on the importance of language and language teaching took place in the last session. Various techniques of language teaching were presented to the participants during the session on ‘Teaching Language as a Subject’. The participants were then randomly selected for teaching a language lesson. This provided the participants an opportunity to identify loopholes in their methodology of teaching languages.

In the end of the training workshop, the participants expressed their impressions, observations and reflections on the training. The feedback of the participants was duly recorded. A simple certificate distribution ceremony took place afterwards.


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